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Taman Melawati

Taman Melawati

Selangor: The Busy Peninsula
Selangor is a megalopolis, which is the biggest and most populated state among the Malaysian peninsula. The city got its name from the Malayan word Selan that means river and “Ngor” which stands for bamboo trees. The banks of this beautiful coast are lined with innumerous bamboo trees that live for its name. The Selangor comprises of 10 majorly populated cities covered by beautiful peaks of Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Strait of Malacca.
This state proudly has the largest economy in Malaysia with the lowest poverty rate also the most developed in terms of urban infrastructure. It is a perfect tourist destination as it has a variety to offer for everyone’s interests- historical, religious or pure entertainment, Selangor has everything.

How to reach Selangor
Getting to Selangor is not difficult. You can choose via air, rail or road depending on the budget and time constraints.
The major bus terminals connect to most of the locations in and around Selangor:
- Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS-BTS)
- KLIA Transit Station
- Rapid local city buses/city taxi
- The LRT station plies buses towards Kuala Lumpur
- Terminal Bersepadu Selatan is adjacent to the Bandar Tasik railway station so it is easy to switch between both the transports.
- Red-and-white: Budget taxis, not allowed around airport.
- Red-and-blue (individually owned taxis)
- Yellow, Orange or Red: Corporate with a fleet of more than 250
- Premier who are authorized to operate only in the Klang Valley zone, but not from the airport
- Dark blue: Executive, who can operate throughout the peninsular region excluding the airport.
Please note that negotiating the taxi fare is considered illegal in Malaysia.
Railway: Komuter train Stesen Komuter KTM Bandar Tasik Selatan
Airport (and distance to Selangor):
60 km: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport)
105 km: Sepang, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
183 km: Ipoh, Malaysia (Sultan Azlan Shah Airport)
286 km: Kuantan, Malaysia (Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport)

Main Attractions:
Selangor has plenty to offer to visitors of varied interests like historical, religious, entertainment or even beaches.

- Batu Caves and Mahamariyamman temple are Hindu places of worship. Batu is famous for the natural limestone caves which are a major tourist attraction. Mahamariyamman temple is the oldest Hindu temple existing in KL
- Wat Chetawan is a famous Thai place of worship for the Buddhist followers.
- Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque is the largest mosque in Malaysia situated in the capital. This beautiful Muslim place of worship is also considered to be the second largest in the Southeast Asia too.

- Sunway Lagoon: This is a beautiful theme based park in Malaysia which is one of the most tourist-attracted places in the country.
- Sepang International Circuit: This modern, international motorsports race circuit has attracted F1 fans across the world.
- Zoo Negara: The National Zoo of Malaysia is a beautiful local zoo.
- Gua Tempurung: One of the longest caves in Malaysia, this is a must-see place for cave enthusiasts.

- Sultan Alam Shah Museum: This is a Selangor state museum opened in 1989.
- Orang Asli Museum: The historical museum which shows the traditional lifestyle of the Orang Asli clan.
- Kota Darul Ehsan: A row of arches, this is the biggest in Malaysia and flaunts Islamic architecture.

Places to Stay:
In Selangor, you have varied options of stay in all budget variants. You may choose between farmhouse, villas, or even the usual hotel lodges. Some location options in and around Selangor are:
- Kuala Lumpur: Situated about 60 kilometres from the state of Selangor you have varied options on the outskirts as well as within the city limits.
- Kuala Selangor district: A quaint location around Selangor, you can easily get a three star accommodation within the range of $19. This place has exciting nightlife too.
- Apart from this, there is a varied range of accommodation choices from budget hotels, service apartments to standard boutiques too.
- Farm stay: The Hulu and Rawang region of Selangor has varied options for farm stays in different budgets. The price range would be between 100-500$ depending on the location and the services offered.

Eateries in Selangor:
The area around Selangor is famous for the innumerous seafood options, which are available. You may find the local eateries everywhere and finding a food-joint should not be difficult.
Some of the well-known seafood places are:
- Yummy Bak Kut Teh: Laid-back ambience with perfect food.
- Restaurant Seafood View Port / Bagan Seafood Restaurant: Reasonable seafood options.
Furthermore, there are a lot of options for the foodie explorers and bars; however, street-food is preferred to be the yummiest.

Getting Places
Bus - The city is well connected by buses across. You may look for the required routes according to your planned trip.
Taxi - There is a varied fleet of Taxis in the state of Selangor. The options available are in different budget. But there are limited options for travelling to the airport. Verify their limits before booking the trip.
Bicycle Rickshaw - Also known as trishaws, these can be opted for travelling to short distances.